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Psychedelic Pop ProgressiveBang Lassi [img]http://a918.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images01/18/m_1c63bf52a5cec857fe8befca5c573965.jpg[/img] Psychedelic - Pop - Progressive About Bang Lassi Psychedelic baroque quintet led by charismatic front men Storm LaFayette and Bong Karajan, Bang Lassi delivers an adventurous and intense pop-music formula, matching eerie atmospheres with obsessing melodies. A mind-boggling sonic odyssey taking you through familiar landscapes into the heart of less explored territories, where surprises lurk around every corner. Some would place Bang Lassi’s music somewhere along the winding road between Frank Sinatra and King Crimson, with all the twists and turns and unexpected encounters that such a trip involves. Legend has it that Bong Karajan and Storm LaFayette met in 1996 while filming an erotic movie in which LaFayette had a small part and Karajan was a soundman. In no time at all both men were playing together in a short-lived garage-punk quartet called Postcoitum, with percussionist Tricky Pipeline , a reformed mercenary, and Mayo Beausoleil, a guitar and mandolin player with a sadly excessive penchant for narcotics. And the rest, as they say, is history: one evening, during a concert at the Vulture Club in Pachacoma, an unknown figure, seeing that Mayo Beausoleil had gone backstage to relieve himself, leapt on stage and grabbed the guitar. This mystery man was Mars Monteverdi, and he would never let that guitar go again. To Beausoleil’s fury, he was sacked on the spot and would disappear some weeks later on a highway in New Mexico, more than likely kidnapped by aliens. It would not be long before Monteverdi had imposed his inimitable sound on the band. This would become its trademark, as would the unfathomable mystery surrounding him (none of the band members had ever heard the sound of his voice…). In the winter of 1997 the line-up was completed with the arrival of bass player and cellist Stringo Jett, also a professor of medieval literature at the Mercepolia IV University and a legendary collector of dragsters. Website to Bang Lassi
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